How to buy VAIO Computer from Japan

Welcome back VAIO, AZUMINO FINISH version which is the best VAIO we have ever had. 

Are you also VAIO lovers like we are? If so, you must be excited to know that our VAIO comes back to market as AZUMINO FINISH version. It was almost two decades ago, if you remember, VAIO was produced by SONY and won the hearts and minds of people who valued quality of sound of music as well as clear image of screen. Unfortunately, SONY gave up their computer business even VAIO was so popular in the market because their financial condition was not very good, which made VAIO lovers furious. And then business of VAIO was transferred to new company named as VAIO Corporation Ltd., which started exclusively producing VAIO. It three years have passed since the new company has produced VAIO at factory in Azumino, Nagano prefecture, Japan. Continue reading

How to Fril Japan though Proxy Shopping Service

Introducing another popular online flea market APP —Fril it is!

Fril APP starts its operation in 2012, that is to say, it is the pioneer of Japan’s online flea market APP.  Fril’s original target customers are female population; therefore, people could only find lady apparels and accessories on Fril.  However, the head company changes its strategies and cancels the policy of “Lady Only”.  Now, all generation can find their favorite goods on Fril! Continue reading

Proxy Shopping : Blow-Up Doll

Recently we had many orders of blow-up doll from USA, Canada and Europe. It seems quality of Japanese products are so good. We appreciate if we could help customer to purchase these high quality dolls.

Reliable supplier is Dekunoboo. Please check here.

For inquiry, please visit

Thank you.

Proxy Shopping : Personal Computer

Followings are our shipping records of personal computer.

Panasonic and VAIO is unique Japanese brand personal computer. These computers are available to customer at these stores.

Let’s Note of Panasonic is very popular amond Japanese business person.
VAIO was previous SONY brand, now it was apart from SONY.
MOUSE PC is made by Mouse Compurter and price is very reasonable. We are using Mouse PC as our main PC. Quality is no problem.

VAIO Z/Z1311 2016/03 US
VAIO VJZ13A1A/Z13A1 2015/09 US
VAIO VJP1321/P1321 2015/08 US
VAIO SVP1321GGJ 2015/06 US
VAIO Z/VJZ13A1 2015/02 US

Let’s Note of Panasonic is very popular amond Japanese business person.