How to know Mercari BAD sellers

There are some bad sellers who create problems with buyers. Through our experience, we would like to inform you characterristic of BAD sellers as follows.

1) Less than 4 stars feedback
These sellers are apparently cause problems with buyers. Most reason is poor packing conditions and damage to the items.

2) Hide damages on the items
Seller do not describe the damage and no photo of those parts. Please read the reason for the bad feedbacks by the buyers. Such sellers may repeat same to hide the damages on the items.

3) Poor quality of photo
Photo is very important. We are checking contents with refering to photos.Quality of photo shows seller’s characteristic. Honest seller takes good quality of photo in detail. We can say the seller who takes low quality photo is not good.

4) Delivery method is undecided
These sellers who select delivery methos want save shipping fee by requcing packing cost. They want more profit by saving delivery cost. Generally those packing condition is poor and it is easy to get damages on the items.

5) Delivery method by regular mail even for expensive items
Delivery fee of Mercari-Bin(メルカリ便) or other courier service has tracking number and its cost is not so expensive, but those sellers select “REGULAR MAIL” (普通郵便).
Some sellers do not know about Mercari-Bin and select this regular mail without thinking. Regular mail does not have tracking numer and sometims misdelivery happen. Some sellers want to save delivery fee by light weight. that means packing condition is poor and protection is reduced. Light wieght items such as trading cards less than JPY5000 is still acceptable. But bulky items (plush toy etc) are not suitable for normal postage. They may use paper bags instead of boxes. Also since there is no evidence of delivery, some sellers(scam) do not deliver goods and press “delivered button” of Mercari APP. This case is the worst and buyer may lose money.

6) Delivery place is undecided.
Generally prefecture name in Japan is mention in the listing and buyer can estimate delivery time. But some seller do not mention delivery places. That is very strange to hide delivery place. We understand such sellers are rude. Sometimes seller put less postage stamps than actual postage fee and post office return it to the seller. But most case such seller did not write their name and address on the package. In that case we(receiver) have to pay the shortage. If seller does not write correct address on the packages, package will be desposed after storage time of postoffice.

7) Nick Name is frequently changed
Most bad sellers may change Nick name frequently to hide their previous bad manners. But user ID can not be changed. We are recording user ID of bad seller to avoid to purchase from them. We are also using Mercari blacklist system to avoid problem.

8) Own Rules
All of Mercari users have to follow Mercari rules. All Mercari uers have to follow Mercari rule. There is no other rules between sellers and buyers. Own rule are not permitted by Mercari.
But some seller write their own rule in their profile or description of the listing, and some sellers force buyer to read their profile. Actually there is no rule to read profiles. Profile is Profile. But some sellers misunderstand that field is to write their own rule and requests. Generally such sellers cause problems.

9) Lack of Money(金欠)
Some seller write “lack of money” what means they want to sell the items as soon as possible. But please don’t take that as truth. Percentage of such seller create problem is very high. Scam has such psychology. It is mysterious.

10) New commer and No identification by Mercari
Such new commer of zero feedback do not understand Mercari rule. All of scammer don’t want proceed identification by Mercari. It is better to wait till such seller have some good feedback

According to our experience, such bad seller who created problem is approx. 2-3%. If we feel that it is dangerous to proceed trading with such sellers, we will inform our customer to stop to purchase.

Hope this information help you to enjoy Mercari.