KAWASAKI NINJA H2 Fuel Tank to Bangladesh

We shipped one fuel tank of KAWASAKI NINJA H2 to Bangladesh in Oct. 2023.

That tank was purchased at Croooober https://www.croooober.com/ its condition is good as shown in photos.

Export Packing Dimension (LxWxH) = 77 x 59 x 33 cm
Gross Weight = 9 kgs

Our handling fee : JPY 3,000
Washing tank fee with certificate : JPY 5,000
Packing fee : JPY 2,000
DHL fee to Bangradish : JPY 41,920 for Oct. shipment.

If you find your favorite used tank, we can purchased and ship to your place. Please feel free to contact us.

We need following information for quotation.
1) URL of the related tank
2) Model name of motorcycle
3) Importer’s name, address, tel no. and tax ID. Importer must be “Company” or “Motorcycle Shop”. Shipment to individual person is not available.

Thank you.

No need to pay high cost for proxy service for trading cards

We would like to introduce our proxy service to buy trading cards at online stores.Currently we are handing cards from below-mentioned online stores.
Our fee is 3-5% of the value of goods and local transportation fee, and minimum fee is JPY500, maximum fee is JPY3000 per order.
Maximum item is 20 items or maximum 5 stores per order. For detail please refer to our homepage.

If you access these site, advertizement of some other proxy services will be appeared automatically. They charge 10% their handling fee on the price of the stores. We think that is too much. You don’t need to pay such expensive fee to them. Our fee is minimum JPY500 and maximum JPY3,000 per order. If you buy expensive trading cards which total amount is more than JPY100,000, our fee is JPY 3,000 fixed. Even one million JPY cards, our fee is JPY3,000.

Basical inspection and consolidation service are included in our standard service. Only extra fee is export packing fee. We need fee for packing material and special packing for large items if necessary.

If you find your favorite cards, please contact us by email. We will purchase cards very quickly.

Toreca Camphttps://torecacamp-pokemon.com/
Card Museumhttps://www.card-museum.com/
Tore Zamuhttps://www.torezamu.com/

How to know Mercari BAD sellers

There are some bad sellers who create problems with buyers. Through our experience, we would like to inform you characterristic of BAD sellers as follows.

1) Less than 4 stars feedback
These sellers are apparently cause problems with buyers. Most reason is poor packing conditions and damage to the items.

2) Hide damages on the items
Seller do not describe the damage and no photo of those parts. Please read the reason for the bad feedbacks by the buyers. Such sellers may repeat same to hide the damages on the items.

3) Poor quality of photo
Photo is very important. We are checking contents with refering to photos.Quality of photo shows seller’s characteristic. Honest seller takes good quality of photo in detail. We can say the seller who takes low quality photo is not good.

4) Delivery method is undecided
These sellers who select delivery methos want save shipping fee by requcing packing cost. They want more profit by saving delivery cost. Generally those packing condition is poor and it is easy to get damages on the items.

5) Delivery method by regular mail even for expensive items
Delivery fee of Mercari-Bin(メルカリ便) or other courier service has tracking number and its cost is not so expensive, but those sellers select “REGULAR MAIL” (普通郵便).
Some sellers do not know about Mercari-Bin and select this regular mail without thinking. Regular mail does not have tracking numer and sometims misdelivery happen. Some sellers want to save delivery fee by light weight. that means packing condition is poor and protection is reduced. Light wieght items such as trading cards less than JPY5000 is still acceptable. But bulky items (plush toy etc) are not suitable for normal postage. They may use paper bags instead of boxes. Also since there is no evidence of delivery, some sellers(scam) do not deliver goods and press “delivered button” of Mercari APP. This case is the worst and buyer may lose money.

6) Delivery place is undecided.
Generally prefecture name in Japan is mention in the listing and buyer can estimate delivery time. But some seller do not mention delivery places. That is very strange to hide delivery place. We understand such sellers are rude. Sometimes seller put less postage stamps than actual postage fee and post office return it to the seller. But most case such seller did not write their name and address on the package. In that case we(receiver) have to pay the shortage. If seller does not write correct address on the packages, package will be desposed after storage time of postoffice.

7) Nick Name is frequently changed
Most bad sellers may change Nick name frequently to hide their previous bad manners. But user ID can not be changed. We are recording user ID of bad seller to avoid to purchase from them. We are also using Mercari blacklist system to avoid problem.

8) Own Rules
All of Mercari users have to follow Mercari rules. All Mercari uers have to follow Mercari rule. There is no other rules between sellers and buyers. Own rule are not permitted by Mercari.
But some seller write their own rule in their profile or description of the listing, and some sellers force buyer to read their profile. Actually there is no rule to read profiles. Profile is Profile. But some sellers misunderstand that field is to write their own rule and requests. Generally such sellers cause problems.

9) Lack of Money(金欠)
Some seller write “lack of money” what means they want to sell the items as soon as possible. But please don’t take that as truth. Percentage of such seller create problem is very high. Scam has such psychology. It is mysterious.

10) New commer and No identification by Mercari
Such new commer of zero feedback do not understand Mercari rule. All of scammer don’t want proceed identification by Mercari. It is better to wait till such seller have some good feedback

According to our experience, such bad seller who created problem is approx. 2-3%. If we feel that it is dangerous to proceed trading with such sellers, we will inform our customer to stop to purchase.

Hope this information help you to enjoy Mercari.

Proxy service for Iron Heart clothing from Japan

We have started proxy service for clothing of “Iron Heart”.
Speaking of “Iron Heart” , they are a reputable pioneer of “heavy ounce denim” among of denim fun.Normally denim weight is 12 – 13oz, however they developed 21oz heavy denim in Japan and use for jeans and jacket.
By its high strength & endurance, many motorcycle fun support their denim products.

If you want to import from Japan directly, please send inquiry through our contact form.



Retention Period of EMS in USA is just 5 days!

These days some EMS parcel were returned from USA to us. This is because over retention period. Retention period is just 5 days in USA. (In France it is 2 weeks.) USA’s period is extremely short.

Customers in USA need to pay attention to retention period. If parcel were returned to us, they need to pay shipping fee again. Post Office never refund money.

Regulation of USPS  https://pe.usps.com/text/imm/immc7_023.htm


766 Retention Period
766.1 General Procedure
Post Office facilities must hold international mail items for pickup by the addressee for 30 days. However, inbound Express Mail Service items must be returned to sender after 5 days, unless the sender specifies fewer days on the piece.

766.2 Exceptions
766.21 Refused, Undeliverable, or Unforwardable Item
An item refused or known to be neither deliverable nor forwardable must be treated as undeliverable immediately.

766.22 Request for Return
Items enclosed with a sender’s request for return within a specified period may be held for the period specified, not to exceed 60 days.

766.23 Items Conditionally Refused by Addressee
An item conditionally refused by the addressee because of the duty assessed (see 713.233 for the procedure when the addressee asks that the U.S. Customs Service reconsider the duty) is held until the customs office gives a decision on the protest. If no decision is reached within 30 days, the customs office should be asked to expedite its decision.

766.24 Items Returned From Customs Custody
An item returned from customs custody with advice that the addressee has not complied with required customs entry procedures must be treated immediately as undeliverable.

766.25 Request for Delivery to Alternate Addressee
An item bearing the sender’s request for delivery to an alternate addressee must be held 15 days at the disposal of the first addressee and 15 days at the disposal of the second. If the alternate addressee is at another Post Office facility, the item is forwarded subject to 764.1, and the 15–day period begins from the day of receipt at the second office of address.



Honda CB1300 Fuel Tank to Estonia

We shipped one fuel tank of Honda CB1300 to Estonia in Feb. 2019. That tank was purchased at Yahoo auction and condition is good as shown in photo.

Export Packing Dimension (LxWxH) = 76 x 58 x 37 cm Gross Weight = 10.3 kgs

If you find your favorite used tank, we can purchased and ship to your place. Please feel free to contact us.

We need following information for quotation.
1) URL of related tank
2) Model name of motorcycle
3) Importer’s name, address, tel no. and tax ID. Importer must be “Company” or “Motorcycle Shop”. Shipment to individual person is not available.
4) In case of payment by PayPal, please let us know PayPal mail address to send invoice. Payer must be consignee of the tank.

Thank you.

Huge fun of outdoor clothes and gear?

Mont-Bell and Snow Peak will make you certified!

Without question, an outdoor goods and its outfits are kind a hot topic and way popular among fashion-conscious people. Which means that outdoor outfits and gear are no longer only a high function material for outdoor activity lovers, but for those who love good taste of casual fashion with reliable and strong design and material.
Here are highly recommended Japanese Outdoor brands you will love.

Mont-Bell, brought in market by experienced Japanese adventurers.

Mont-Bell was established in 1975 by a long term years experienced and world class high skilled outdoor adventure and with his two of friends. Their products have been developed by them with functions and design which they hardly could get of foreign products. Continue reading

Start your wonderfully blessing New Year with Japanese Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro)


What Japanese Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro) is?

Japanese Fukubukuro is well known as a mystery bag containing a variety of articles which values are worth more in total than purchase price. There are many funs wanting to buy the bag not only one but also several every year because they well know of it good deal. Many of them are funs of the mystery bag through generations so that there are many variety of choice to meet with various people. Continue reading