Can find high and good quality of second hand E. Goyard in Japan?

Cannot buy Goyard in everywhere

The triple crowns prestige brand of luggage store in the world, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Goyard were born in France within only 20-years from 1830 to 1850. They were all welcomed and loved by noble people as well as people of high society from the beginning. As you have known well of that they have expanded their market and enjoyed having and expanding devoted followers all over the world.

Unfortunately, price of their products are not economy one even quality of them are very high. Smart funs of the brand are looking for high quality and good condition second hand bags, wallet, and other items of them because product of them are pretty strong and can keep long term in good condition.

As to Hermes and Louis Vuitton, you can find good condition second hand in your country because the two have tons of retailers globally.

However, Goyard is not the same story. Their unique technique of Herringbone canvas calls a lot of process and their high and specific craftsmanship do not allow themselves do mass production. With this reason, Goyard has their official retail shop at least one in one country, but not everywhere.

Find the best place to find very good and genuine second hand Goyard in Japan through!

Not only within Asia, but also in the world, Japan is the best place of getting very good condition and genuine second hand items of famous brand without being cheated. This is because Japanese culture and traditional ethic prevent Japanese from handling expensive stuff rough. Also, keen and picky eyes of evaluation of second hand in second hand industry is never joking. Moreover, thanks to very unique and high technique of producing herringbone canvas, there is very few copy bag of Goyard. High Status and reliability of Goyard among auditors in second hand market are come from this reason, too.

Fortunately, there are 7 official retail shops of Goyard are in Japan, so to get almost new condition or very good condition of Goyard cannot be hard.
Also you can find wide variety of product because Japan is pretty good market of them. Especially, their best seller bag, Goyard Saint Louis, has 11 colors as selection, so you have big opportunity of getting different color of Saint Lois bag, too.

How to buy Goyard second hand?

There are good online auction house such as Mercari and Yahoo auction where you can enjoy hunting of Goyard until you find your wanting. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble led by language barrier, we, are happy to support you as proxy shopping service agent.

Our service charge is only 500-yen/item which is equivalent with 5-bucks /each item. So only you have to do is find good Goyard with following policy of auction accordingly.
As general policy of vvJapan. Net, we cannot accept retuning item, refund, any clam related to get item at auction. As a rule, successful bidder is expected to take all of responsibility of auction.

Just enjoy your hunting in auction of Japan with having our proxy shopping service! Find and get your dreaming Goyard with good deal and high quality.