Start your wonderfully blessing New Year with Japanese Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro)


What Japanese Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro) is?

Japanese Fukubukuro is well known as a mystery bag containing a variety of articles which values are worth more in total than purchase price. There are many funs wanting to buy the bag not only one but also several every year because they well know of it good deal. Many of them are funs of the mystery bag through generations so that there are many variety of choice to meet with various people.

There are several variety stories about origin of it, however, the concept of Fukubukuro has not changed from the beginning. During Edo era, a kimono shop, in Edo (it is previous name of Tokyo during Edo era) started sailing lucky back as “Ebisu bukuro” during winter season around end of year. The bag contained remaining kimono cloth after cutting, and people were so excited and happy with what they got because kimono is kind a pricey cloths even remaining piece of it.

What kind of goods and items you can get with Fukubukuro?

As general understanding about Fukubukuro is that total amount of articles in bag is three times or higher more than price you buy. All of online shops where have sale of Fukubukuro are very hot and popular, so let me tell you what kind of Fukubukuro we can buy through vvJapan net service as your safety and economic shopping.

1.Designer brand outfit/ bag/ accessary for women or for men

There are wide variety of designer brand items packed in a bag. You can enjoy mixed brand type or your favorite designer’s. As to size of outfit and wear, you can get them with your size, such as Small, Medium, and Large by indicating it per bag.

2. Already coordinated outfit for men/women

Shop made coordination of outfit from top to bottom for you in a bag, so that you will wear them for your special occasion just like that. As to size of outfit and wear, you can get them with your size, such as Small, Medium, and Large by indicating it per bag.

3. Jacket for /men/women/kids

You can enjoy variety of outer with this bag or can share articles with your family member or friends. As to size of outfit and wear, you can get them with your size, such as Small, Medium, and Large by indicating it per bag.

4. Sport wear for men/women/teen

New design and traditionally popular items and outfits for your sportive time. As to size of outfit and wear, you can get them with your size, such as Small, Medium, and Large by indicating it per bag.

5. Cap and hat for men/women/teen

It is so usual and enjoyable with many caps and hats. All of them are of most popular brand and designers.
6. Mixed articles bag for men/women/kidsOutfit, socks, tie, scarf, accessory, and so on. All articles in a bag are selected for men/women/kids.

7. Outfit of Baby boy / baby girl

You are happy to find great deal of outfit selection which allows you to coordinate outfit of your baby. Generally baby needs many cloths to change several times a day, so this kind organized baby clothes are very helpful. As to size of outfit and wear, please indicate size of your baby per bag.

8. Classified articles by generation

Bag, outfit, scarf, belt, cap, sport wear and etc. are backed in one Fukubukuro according to specific generation such as for kids, for teenager, for men, for women, for mother, for father, and for grandparent. You can chose one or more as your new year present to your love.

9. Winter coat and jacket for men/women/kid

Alternative winter coat or jacket are helpful but sometime not easy to choose a useful design with good material and design. This kind of Fukubukuro is popular because people can share items in bag with mother and daughter and with sisters.  As to size of coat and jacket, you can get them with one size, such as Small, Medium, and Large by indicating it per bag.  And more!

Why Fukubukuro contains such valued articles with much lower sale price than actual?

It is very good opportunity for shop to release Fukubukuro during year end and New Year holiday season because they can clear their remaining inventory faster with large volume within a month.  In order to operate popular shop, they must have large volume per size to comply with demand of customer. However, some size or color of article has remained as inventory because shop cannot control demands of market. With these reasons, Fukubukuro is always very much good deal in price and quality for customers because all articles in bag are new and three times or more value in sales price.

When you can get delivery of Fukubukuro by ordering at online shop?

If you order Fukubukuro at online shop, you must make your order complete within December, because online shop will deliver Fukubukuro during New year holiday as blessing new shopping.

How to order your Fukubukuro?

There are many famous and popular online shops of Fukubukuro where you can choose you most interesting one or more by having support of proxy shopping. Only you have to do is to check information about each bag in each online shop via page. Service charge of is stable and economy price range so you can do shopping without being bordered of step-by-step increasing charge according to total amount of buying.

Culture of Fukubukuro has over four hundred years history in Japan. Excitement and happy feeling have been inherited by mothers to daughters for over four hundred years in Japan because Fukubukuro has never disappointed expectations of ladies! Go and check that out for your blessing new year now! You will love it for sure!  Don’t miss it before all got sold out!