Huge fun of outdoor clothes and gear?

Mont-Bell and Snow Peak will make you certified!

Without question, an outdoor goods and its outfits are kind a hot topic and way popular among fashion-conscious people. Which means that outdoor outfits and gear are no longer only a high function material for outdoor activity lovers, but for those who love good taste of casual fashion with reliable and strong design and material.
Here are highly recommended Japanese Outdoor brands you will love.

Mont-Bell, brought in market by experienced Japanese adventurers.

Mont-Bell was established in 1975 by a long term years experienced and world class high skilled outdoor adventure and with his two of friends. Their products have been developed by them with functions and design which they hardly could get of foreign products.

As a professional climber the president can introduce truly necessary got-get to their products which inspired a lot of outdoor manufacturers in the world.

The price range of Mont-bell products are average or less expensive by comparing with their competitors because they manufacture their products in competitive cost of manufacturing country not in Japan.

Snow Peak, made in Japan high quality and reliable craftsmanship products for professional /non-professional out-door adventurers.

Snow Peak was established in 1958. The founder owner named his company as Snow Peak after Tanigawadake, because he had climbed it so many times as long years experienced climber, because it is well known as the most dangerous mountain in the world.
The company has kept close communication with their end-used customers as buddy of outdoor lovers and adventures in order to always improve functions and design of their products.
Their high technique of manufacturing and craftsmanship have been done at factory in Japan. They are also proud of themselves as high quality made in Japan outdoor products.

Outdoor lover? Town life urban casual lover?

Both of Mont-Bell and Snow Peak are also popular among people who DON’T outdoor but just love casual urban lifestyle. It is because the reliable quality and useful functions of products with wide range of size for not-tall Asian. Not only new one but also second hand of them, their followers and funs have been looking for good deal and condition of the products within Mercari, Rakuma and Yahoo Auction.
Their fans and followers of outdoor clothes and gear are happy and enjoying wearing Mont-Bell or Snow peak as their daily outfit because of usability and easy-care with good taste design.

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If you are Asian or having not-large size of body, Mont-Bell or Snow peak could be good to wear.
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The more you use outdoor items, the more it increase taste and touch.
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Snow Peak


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