KAWASAKI NINJA H2 Fuel Tank to Bangladesh

We shipped one fuel tank of KAWASAKI NINJA H2 to Bangladesh in Oct. 2023.

That tank was purchased at Croooober https://www.croooober.com/ its condition is good as shown in photos.

Export Packing Dimension (LxWxH) = 77 x 59 x 33 cm
Gross Weight = 9 kgs

Our handling fee : JPY 3,000
Washing tank fee with certificate : JPY 5,000
Packing fee : JPY 2,000
DHL fee to Bangradish : JPY 41,920 for Oct. shipment.

If you find your favorite used tank, we can purchased and ship to your place. Please feel free to contact us.

We need following information for quotation.
1) URL of the related tank
2) Model name of motorcycle
3) Importer’s name, address, tel no. and tax ID. Importer must be “Company” or “Motorcycle Shop”. Shipment to individual person is not available.

Thank you.